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What is a burofax

When companies and individuals must make a claim of any kind and with telephone calls, letters or faxes is not achieve the objective of contacting the other party or need a documentary evidence of the operation of     transmitting the information from one party to another, you can resort to a novel method called burofax.
This service allows you to send urgent documents, which have the accreditation of what is exposed in them and could subsequently serve as evidence before public administrations and courts.

Because it is a type of communication of a reliable nature and with probative value, all its contents (issuer, receiver, date of dispatch, etc.) are accredited to third parties.


  • The burofax is an approved and legally certified notice that, adapting to new technologies, offers the possibility of being sent via internet.
  • If a person wishes to file a claim, he may use the burofax service, which will be used as support for future legal proceedings.
  • The main difference between a certified letter and the burofax is that the first one does not certify the content of the document that has been sent; however, the second one does.
  • The burofax can be sent directly to the recipient's home, although there is also the possibility that it can be withdrawn in an SEUR Pick up shop, after an absence and if the recipient of the shipment requests it.

Among the models of this type of communication, we find as more common the following:

  • Burofax claim: It is used to make a complaint to that which is wrongful or not quite correct. Usually, occur in cases of non-compliance of other parties.
  • Burofax with acknowledgment of receipt: These certificates the processing of the complaint set out in the document, after verifying the data of the recipient, such as name and surname, DNI, signature or stamp, among others. In the case of not having been received, in the Acknowledgment of Receipt, the attempts of delivery and other observations made by the courier must be registered. With SEUR, all burofax has an acknowledgment.
  • Burofax for debt claim: This type of burofax should include data such as date of issue, full details of the sender and recipient, aspects of the debt (origin, concept, amount, when it expired, etc.). The recipient is also granted a period to make the payment and the ways in which he can do it, and he is advised that if he does not cancel in a certain amount of time, a legal claim will be made.
These and more types of burofax you can send them with
Definition and burofax models

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