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  1. These conditions shall be applicable to shipments contracted where there are no specific agreements or conditions arising from the particular features of each product or service. SEUR has at your disposal, both in the price list and at, the specific conditions and rates applicable to each service or product.
  2. Contractual data on the nature of the goods and the name and address of the addressee and sender are provided by the sender under his or her own responsibility and are not verified by SEUR, except under an impending serious risk or if ordered to do so by the authorities.
  3. The services will be provided from Monday to Friday, or Saturday mornings only for deliveries contracting the supplementary services for Delivery on Saturday and/or Collection on Saturday. Local bank holidays at the destination and Easter Saturday are excluded. For collections and deliveries outside a provincial capital, the amounts stated in the book of rates for each service shall be charged. S-10 services can be delivered before 11 am in towns more than 50 km away from the destination franchise.


In the event of non-compliance with the delivery term agreed in the contract according to the contracted service, the compensation payable shall consist of reimbursement of the carriage charges paid by the customer. Delays caused by the absence or change of address of the addressee, unknown addressee or address, non-payment of freight, replacements or refunds, closure for holidays, deliveries past the deadline on second attempts of delivery, events of force majeure or accidents or other causes beyond the control of SEUR shall not be considered non-compliance with the delivery deadline. Any goods sent "to be collected" at the SEUR address or facilities at the destination are excluded from this guarantee. Similarly, SEUR is not responsible in cases of non-compliance with the delivery deadline in dispatches to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla for causes beyond the control of SEUR (delays by the airlines, shipping companies, transport companies, loading and/or unloading...).


If the value of the goods transported has not been stated, SEUR's maximum responsibility for damage or loss to such goods, except for delays in delivery, for which condition four above will apply, shall be limited at most to the amount of 33€ per kilo consigned, with a maximum compensation limit of 1,800€ per dispatch to be paid by SEUR. This condition does not apply to the MULTIBOX (MB) and MULTIDOC (MD) products, where compensation would be of 33€ per envelope. This improved coverage will imply a charge of 8% of the price of the freight (minimum 1,82 € per dispatch), except for the MB, MD and Multipack products, which have the coverage included in the price. Not applicable to TÚMANDAS and SEUR BICI services according to Law 15/2009. Compensation shall not be paid for damage to perishable goods resulting from the effect of time if the goods were delivered within the agreed deadline. 


Please note the possibility of underwriting a supplementary insurance declaring the real value of the goods and covering any damage they could receive up to their declared value. The cost of this insurance is 1.25% (except our Controlled Temperature Service which is 2% and higher values are not accepted at 6,000 euros) of the declared value (with a minimum of 3,26 €). In that event, the surcharge established in the preceding paragraph shall not apply. The above shall not be affected by the obligatory submission of documents, in which their value or content is stated for the transit of goods, and it shall be deemed to be an extra-contractual statement for the sole purpose of carrying out proceedings before third parties.

CASH ON DELIVERY SERVICE: The cost of the cash on delivery service, to be added to the transport rate, is fixed at a 5,5% charge on the payment value (minimum 6,13 €, maximum 119,94 €). This fee includes collection fees and an insurance on loss or damage of the goods up to the total value, except for perishable goods, where the provisions of general condition 5 shall apply. If the dispatch has been contracted with freight payment on delivery, the goods shall not be delivered unless the freight is also paid on delivery.
WEAPONS: The service contains a 6% charge rate (minimum 1.5 €) which includes insurance for loss or damage to the goods until a maximum value of 1500 with previous justification value.

Reservation of rights   

SEUR reserves at all times the right to accept the packages and therefore to provide the service, which may be cancelled due to insufficient packaging for transport, anomalous packaging or other unusual conditions of the order. Should the packages be rejected due to insufficient packaging or other sufficiently reasonable causes explained in the freight letter and accepted by the sender, SEUR will not be liable for any damage occurring to the goods, and the customer's acceptance shall be considered proven by his or her signature on the delivery note. This excludes the transport of parcels and objects with contents forbidden by law, or transport that is subject to special requirements or provisions (such as weapons, funds or commercial paper, toxic, inflammable or dangerous materials, explosives, other goods subject to ADR transport, etc.), for which the sender shall have sole and exclusive liability, and he or she expressly releases SEUR from any liability. Similarly, the transport of goods with a length of more than three meters is also excluded. When the packaging is purchased to SEUR, the final holder will be responsible for the delivery of waste containers and its proper management.

Delivery of goods   

The goods shall be delivered at the address stated by the sender, unless there is repeated absence of the addressee, or the weight, volume or functional features of the item do not allow a normal person to handle it, in which case it shall be delivered to the addressee's doorstep or the destination SEUR centre. Should the addressee be absent, he or she shall be left a notification of the attempted delivery, with information on how to agree a new delivery 46,17 € shall be charged for any services other than the simple collection and delivery of the goods or that imply any unusual processing.

The non-delivery of the goods transported due to absence or refusal of the addressee, deficient data or non-payment of the freight charges shall be the responsibility of the sender, who will have to pay all costs of such incidents, including any costs for deposit, the fee for payment on delivery or insurance, customs and any other expenses for transporting the goods during their return to the origin or in subsequent deliveries.


The addressee will have to sign the delivery note upon delivery in order to receive the goods. Should the addressee refuse to sign the delivery note, SEUR will be exempt from all responsibility.

The sender appoints SEUR as a completely authorised agent in order to handle customs clearance when necessary, as well as to appoint a Customs Agent for such purpose. The sender must supply all documentation and information necessary to meet customs, paracustoms and security requirements before accepting the delivery. SEUR is not obliged to examine or verify whether such documentation and information is accurate or sufficient. The sender commits to compensate SEUR for any sanctions, costs or expenses it could incur in the customs clearance for any causes attributable to the sender.

Justify the services execution   

SEUR will be able to justify the services execution when the shipments are delivered through new telematics tools that allow to have the consignee written signature digitally, requirement that the customer accept without conditions in the execution of contracted transport services.


National restrictions (see point 7) are applicable to international transportation services. Additionally, for international transportation, it is forbidden to send more than 1 litre of gas, antiquities, and other listed works of arts, animals and perishable goods.


Any claims for damage or losses in the goods must be filed within 7 days from delivery if the damage is not externally visible, or on delivery on the delivery note if the damage is visible. However, for shipments with origin or destination in Portugal, the period is 8 days from the delivery date. In the event of delays in delivery, there shall only be compensation if a written complaint is made to SEUR within 21 days from the delivery. Any actions derived from the transport contract prescribe after one year. In order to process any claims for damage or breakage in any of the types of service, the packaging of the damaged goods must be kept by the customer and shown to SEUR staff.


In case of delays of international services, point 4 will be applied. Regarding loses or damages suffered by the goods transported, the maximum compensation is limited to the next amounts depending on the type of service: COURIER: documents, 300,51€ per consignment, samples, 1.202,02 € per consignment; NETEXPRESS: 10€/Kg. (following the CMR Convention, 8,33 SDR/Kg); CLASSIC: 520€ per consignment; CARGO PLUS / CLASSIC INTERCONTINENTAL: 25 €/Kg (following the CMR Convention, 17 SDR).


a) Dimensional weight will only be applied for shipments whose origin or destination would be the Balearic Islands (by air), Canary, Melilla and Portuguese islands.
b) Dimensional weight will be charged based on the next parameters:
- Canary, Melilla and Portuguese islands by sea at a rate of 333 Kg/m3.
- Rest of the services at the rate of 167 Kgs/m3

Deliveries and collections conditions   

CITY CENTRE DISTINCTION: Only the provincial capitals and populations considered in the destination tables will be considered as city centre. For rating purposes, the resting populations will be considered as “Deliveries outside the city centre”.

DELIVERIES OUTSIDE THE CITY CENTRE: For deliveries outside of the city centre, the cost of the service will increase by the re-dispatch rate corresponding with the service.

PICK-UP OUTSIDE THE CITY CENTRE: For pick-ups outside of the city centre, the re-dispatch rate corresponding to SEUR 24 service will be charged.

PICK-UP MADRID: For SEUR 24 pick-ups at Madrid’s city centre, an extra fee will be charged. The price will be 1,60 € for the shipments until one kilo, and 4,81 € for the rest of the shipments, plus VAT.

Offer exclusivity   

The web product may solely and exclusively be contracted through the SEUR web site,


The transport provider shall be responsible for the total or partial loss of the merchandise, according to the provisions of Law 15/2009, of 11 November regarding terrestrial merchandise transport. It shall also be responsible for losses resulting from delays in transport provision in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Law. Indemnity for loss or damage shall never exceed a third of the Multiple Effect Public Income Indicator per day per gross kilogram of merchandise weight lost or damaged, which is presently established at 5.92 euros/kg.

International transportation services: 10€/Kg. (following the CMR Convention, 8,33 SDR/Kg).

Contract agreement   

In order to place the order over the internet, all steps provided on the web site must be completed. The contract agreement shall be considered finalised when the conditions are accepted and, if applicable, once the corresponding payment has been made. Once the contract agreement has been finalised, a receipt for this operation will be sent to the email address provided.

Payment methods   

SEUR allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: cash on collection of the merchandise, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discorver, JCB, UnionPay and PayPal.
The service shall always be paid for at origin. 

The COD (Cash On Delivery) service has a comision, depend on the rate that you hire:
 Standar rate/
Tu mandas 4x3
General rateMultisTarifa tu mandas empresaTarifa decrecienteFrío/
-Minimum amount5,87€6,25€5,1€4,43€2,62€122,22
-Maximum amount122,21€122,22€122,22€122,21€117,85€119,94€
 Tarifa Estandar/
Tu mandas 4x3
Tarifa GeneralMultisTarifa tu mandas empresaTarifa decrecienteFrío/
-Importe mínimo5,87€6,25€5,1€4,43€2,62€122,22
-Importe máximo122,21€122,22€122,22€122,21€117,85€119,94€


Cancellation of a service contracted must be made using the form below or by calling the number 902502080 from Spain and 707500141 from Portugal. The service may be cancelled , only in case that the package has not been picked up.

The transport provider may cancel the delivery once at the delivery address if it is verified that the service contracted does not conform to the merchandise object of the transport provision. In this case, if the customer wishes to send the merchandise, they may do so according to the general tariff, thus forfeiting the benefits of the web based contract agreement. Refund of amounts paid by bank card in the case of cancellation shall be made within approximately 7 days.


The customer may choose to contract an insurance policy to cover losses or damages, at a cost of 4.20 euros per delivery, with the indemnity amount fixed at 200 euros. For deliveries of more than one parcel, indemnification payment shall be calculated proportionally depending on the number of parcels. For the management of the indemnification with the insurance company, a written claim will be required within the time periods provided in the general conditions.

Web site support contact   

In Spain 902.50.20.80 and in Portugal 707.50.01.41


At the time the goods are collected, the customer must sign the document (consignment note) provided by the distributor, whose general conditions shall not apply in the case of contradictions to these specific conditions.

Impuestos y otros gastos   

Impuestos y otros gastos. Las tarifas del servicio incluyen los impuestos indirectos aplicables al tipo impositivo correspondiente.

Taxes and other charges   

The service tariffs include indirect taxes applicable to the corresponding tax bracket type.


Sending animals through the web site service is prohibited.

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