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Tips for Making a Claim

If you are not satisfied with the service we have provided you and want to make a claim, here we explain how the process works and give you advice according to the type of claim you have.
We want to make the process easy and satisfied your needs as much as possible.

Types of Claims


Delay claims SEUR
If you have received your shipment outside the deadlines established by the contracted service, you must file a claim for delay.
Maximum deadline: 21 days.
Documentation to provide: not required.


Claims for missing items/packages SEUR
If you are missing the total shipping you expected, you have 1 year to file the claim.
If you are missing any of the packages of your shipment you must submit the claim at the time of delivery.
Documentation to provide: invoice of the value of the merchandise.

Incomplete Content

Claims for incomplete content SEUR
The shipment has arrived but some of its contents are missing.
Maximum deadline: if the lack of content is appreciable externally, submit the claim at the time of delivery, if it is not appreciated externally you have up to 7 days to submit it. Documentation to provide: invoice of the merchandise value and photographs. 


The shipment presents damages as a result of the transport.
Maximum deadline: if the damages are appreciable externally, submit the claim at the time of delivery, if they are not appreciable externally, you have up to 7 days to place it.
Documentation to be provided: invoice of the merchandise value, photographs, and keep the merchandise and the packaging *.

Other reasons

Claims for other motives SEUR
If your shipment has different issues to delivery delay, incomplete content or damages, the maximum period of submission for the claim varies. Contact us at
902 10 10 10, here we will give you recommendations on what to do and we will tell you what documentation you must provide.

Steps to resolve claims

At SEUR we carry out a series of processes so that your claim is classified as it should and is resolved as soon as possible. 
​Start a claim

Start a claim: this process lasts from 1 to 3 days and in it, we offer you the option to submit a claim through a form in or in the 902 10 10 10 where we will indicate an email address for you to submit your claim by written.


Revision: takes place between day 1 and 12 since the claim is placed, at this point we verify that we have the necessary information and if not, we ask you to send us the additional documentation.


Resolution: In the next 7 days, we review your claim and if it is rejected, we will inform you of the reason via email.


Compensation: If your claim is accepted, we will proceed to the corresponding payment **. The installments may be affected by the form of payment, destination bank, holidays, etc.

* If damages claimed exceed € 50, it will be necessary to perform a damage check by SEUR staff.
** For customers with an account, the term is 30 days since the submission of the information to the compensation.
*** All times are approximate, as they may vary depending on the case. 

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