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We recommend the right packaging for each merchandise

We want your shipment to arrive at its destination in the best possible conditions, so we advise you on how to pack it according to the type of merchandise you want to send. In addition, if you need a packaging, we offer you special packaging according to your needs and designed with the environment in mind.

Car windshields, mirrors, glassware, pictures

Protective cardboard envelope and plastic bubble in quantity. It is advisable also to use poly span and wooden protective slats. The ideal packaging would be a wooden box with internal protections.

Porcelain, ceramics, marbles, plaster

Plastic bubble wrapping merchandise inside a hard cardboard box. If it seems that the contents are "loose" inside the packaging, fill it with     shavings, paper or plastic to reinforce the packaging.

Video equipment, television sets, domestic appliances, computers, computer equipment

Hard cardboard with internal "poly span" and / or bubble plastic protections that leave the material immobilized. In the case of household appliances, if possible, corners or protective wood strips. In the latter, it is advisable to use a wooden / pallet stand to facilitate its handling.

Machinery in general

Several layers of hard cardboard and plastic bubble. If possible, in addition to cardboard protection or plastic bubble, in wooden cage or pallet.

Clothing, fabrics

Wardrobe boxes or hard cardboard box.

Bottles of any type

Order our Wine Rack packaging.

And if you ask for your shipment from ...

Remember that your shipment can not weigh more than 20 kg and not exceed 150 cm (L + A + A). If you want to make other types of shipments, contact us on 902 10 10 10 or 707 50 10 10.

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