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Characteristics of each type of packaging

Do you know the characteristics of each type of packaging? Check them out and find out which one best fits your shipment.

Bubble wrap

The bubble wrap is protective, flexible, light and waterproof. This transparent polyethylene bubble wrap film is used as an anti-shock because it is a protective mattress that cushions shock and vibration during shipping. In addition, it wraps and protects the products in whatever form, as it is flexible. It also protects the products from humidity and dust as it is impermeable. It is especially recommended for packaging light items.

Wrap each item separately and be sure to use as many layers of bubble wrap as necessary to protect the entire product, including edges and corners as well as content that should not move inside the box.

Filling and protection

The polystyrene serves to protect the articles inside the package since it fixes the packed article thus damping the impacts and falls. This product does not absorb or release moisture. In addition, its light weight saves transportation costs. It is easy and quick to use.

Be sure to use the amount of fill required so that the content does not move inside the package.

It is mostly used as filling in the shipping of light items.

Plastic wrap

Protects pallets up to 800 kg. It is flexible, elastic, and easy to adapt.

Protects from dirt during transport and is very resistant to tearing.

Shipping tube

It is the most practical solution for sending long and products that can be rolled up such as posters, photographs, drawings, etc. In addition, it is very resistant.

Wrapping paper (Kraft paper)

It folds and wrinkles to fill the empty space inside a package in articles with an average weight.

Use it around the content and between the different articles to fill empty spaces.

It is also used to wrap and protect small items.

Corrugated paperboard

Corrugated cardboard protects products. It is used as a protection between the product and the box or container in heavy products.

It can be shaped to protect and increase the strength of the product.

Watertight packaging

For the shipment of products that require a controlled temperature between + 2ºC and + 8ºC. They should not allow liquids or odors to pass.

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